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About us

Sortis Financial is a next-generation finance company with roots as a special loan servicer formerly known as ClearSpring Loan Services. At the company's core is a lending and servicing platform that is backed by a team of experts in technology, banking, mortgage and compliance.

Sortis Financial, Inc. provides a variety of mortgage options to borrowers across the United States, including purchase and refinance mortgages in many different types and terms. Sortis offers excellent service and pricing to get you the loan you need and to close quickly. Contact us for more details, or click the “Apply Now” link below to begin the process of applying for your loan.

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Sortis Financial is providing a superior customer experience lending. We leverage our highly capable, technology enabled platform combined with our lending expertise to provide a transparent, efficient process


Sortis Financial is reinventing the mortgage servicing process by providing exceptional customer service through a combination of efficiency, expertise and innovation. With decades of hands-on experience in the mortgage and finance industries, our knowledgeable advisors are poised to assist. Each trained professional is well versed in various loan types, mortgage parameters, our lending system and client needs. We treat each client with courtesy and work to develop the best approach to each unique financial situation. Sortis aims to create a smooth and simple user experience by fine tuning our processes and the use of our innovative technologies. To learn how to benefit from Sortis servicing solutions, send us a note.


With mounting portfolio losses, clients need a fast, low-cost, and scalable solution to recover dollars on delinquent and uncollected assets, and to increase their return on investment without sacrificing their relationship with old and new customers. With our technology platform and over 15 years of experience, Sortis Financial, Inc.’s expertise in helping small and large customers guarantees client satisfaction. Our clients benefit from a customized program that is designed to produce the highest return, while also providing the greatest control for their assets. In sum, Sortis’ entire business is organized and structured around what’s best for our clients. Whether you need to augment your existing recovery efforts or completely outsource, our unique approach and process in contacting and negotiating with your customers dramatically increases the probability of payment. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed!


At Sortis, we are dedicated to delivering a superior client experience driven by technology and coupled with strong relationships, hard work, ethical dealings and creative solutions.

Client Focus.

The best results are the product of strong relationships with our clients and partners. Sortis engages in long-term commitments and strives to provide the assistance and accessibility needed to achieve success.

Hard Work.

Sortis works hard so our clients do not need to. Developing solutions tailored to each situation requires time, attention and dedication, and we make every effort to promote the best possible outcomes.


Sortis Financial respects and upholds the rights of our clients and partners. We are committed to engaging in fair and responsible business practices and instilling confidence in all parties.


Sortis Financial generates unique ideas, actionable strategies and innovative tools to increase the end-benefit to our clients. We inject creativity into even the most complex transactions, resulting in greater clarity, simplicity and customization.

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